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Red lantern Lokeren start ‘operation rescue’ with painful pandoering in Eupen

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Arm Lokeren. The red lantern is the operation rescue with a false note used. Eupen sent a dramatic Lokeren with empty hands and four goals to the ears back home. The eerredder of the debut Reznicek was no more than a rag for the bleeding.

We had so much like a positive report written about Lokeren. After a good winter training, and two fortifications lived the red lantern with the necessary confidence to the first of nine finals. But on a visit to Eupen were the men of Trond Sollied has not yet awoken from their winter hibernation. On the contrary. After only five minutes were the Waaslanders all to start chasing. Goalkeeper Ortwin The Wolf mispakte itself generously to a dangerous cross from Keita. The ball fell right at the head of Fall, that his attempt in saw binnendwarrelen. A cold shower. And that you should literally take. The temperatures in the eastern Cantons, dropped far below the freezing point. And heat to the game could present supporters of Lokeren is not really. Lokeren got the ball, but they found only a hole in the Eupense defence. Too predictable. No creativity. “We want blood, sweat and tears’, echoed after barely twenty minutes from the Lokerse box. The were only tears. Tears of sorrow.

‘Musona has not yet been fully incorporated in the team, but he knows the Belgian league is good enough’, said Sollied advance. The Norwegian did not hesitate and dropped the Zimbabwean flankaanvaller immediately in the base, and with only two training sessions in the legs. Musona showed glimpses of his talent. He was about the only player of Lokeren for peace, and that threat could cause. First was his shot allowed to creep in by the returned Marreh. A moment later, was the Zimbabwaan suddenly eye-to-eye with Van Crombrugge, after jamming of the Scope, but the goalkeeper still had a great reflex in the house on his cunning lobe. If a devil from a box, but he crowned himself yet not to the saving angel for the city of Lokeren. Five minutes before the break doubled Eupen even the lead. With a simple combination between Castro-Montes and Keita was the Lokerse defence childish game. The Wolf parried the shot of Keita, still with the foot, but squarely in the feet of Toyokawa. A piece of cake for the Japanese.

A pale, The Knight remained in the dressing room for Bia. Already brought that weren’t. Gnaka was moved with pity for the red lantern. The fullback decided to them even almost a hand to help. Fortunately for him, wrecked his header on the own goal post. As lay people we back get a match, but nothing was less true. A double cold shower followed. Two corners later, it was actually 4-0. Two times in as many minutes if defender Blondelle cheer. The eerredder of the debut Reznicek, a few minutes after subbing, it was just a rag for the bleeding.

A man asks himself gradually against which team this Lokeren in the last eight matches points will be averted. After this pandoering remain the Waaslanders hopelessly last in the standings. Eupen has, meanwhile, already 14 points more than the Waaslanders and seem almost assured of an extended stay in first class. For Lokeren it anyway shivering until the end of the season.

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