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Ratings Formula 1-the rise worldwide, with ten per cent, a huge growth on social media

ac88e59fbb744fc71b498ff1f72705a9 - Ratings Formula 1-the rise worldwide, with ten per cent, a huge growth on social media

The Formula 1 has in the past year, a lot of fans now, as it appears from the figures that the Formula 1 itself has published.

In terms of unique viewers, the sport again with a ten per cent has grown and this is to become something more than 490 million viewers. In the main twenty countries, including Belgium, the growth is even more than fourteen percent.

Especially notable is the growth of China, where the range is tripled, and that is mainly due to the return to the CCTV, which the Formula 1, without the additional paid subscription to see.

In addition to a huge growth in China, there was also a huge growth in viewers to write in India t (+87%), France (+51%), Russia (+27%) and the United States (20%). In terms of tv viewing figures was Brazil with more than 115 million viewers, still the largest market for Formula 1, followed by China (68 million) and the United States (34.2 million).

The best viewed F1 race in 2018 was the GP of Monaco. A staggering 110 million viewers switched on 27 may, their tv on to get to the race through the Principality to watch.

Also a notable trend is the increase of followers on the social media. The Formula 1 ignored under the former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone for a long time the social media. Liberty Media has ownership of the sport, the Formula 1 present the social media and that brands we also have the figures that the range measure.

The total number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube reached 18.5 million, which compared with 2017 is an increase of up to 53,7 per cent. The Formula 1 is one of the fastest growing sports on the social media.

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