Quebec wants images train accident from Netflix movie

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The government of the Canadian province of Quebec wants Netflix real images of a train accident from 2013 knew from his fiction film “Bird Box”. There is a dangerous limit is exceeded”, writes minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, in a letter to Netflix ceo Reed Hastings.

When the disaster came to a derailed freight train with oil in the town of Lac-Mégantic. There followed several explosions and 47 people were killed. According to Roy, the local community, the disaster, one of the largest spoorrampen in the history of Canada, five years after the facts have not yet been processed.
Netflix used images of the disaster in his film “Bird Box”, and they are also to be seen in an episode of the series “Travelers” which is also on Netflix. The producer of “Travelers”, Peacock Alley Entertainment, the pictures will be replaced, but Netflix wants despite the criticism, do not intervene in the “Bird Box”.
The government insists, therefore, with ceo Reed Hastings. “We would in no case should tolerate human tragedies, which, for entertainment be used. That is zoweel morally and ethically unacceptable”, says minister Roy. “What if one of your neighbors would happen, mr. Hastings? How would you react if you would hear that a multinational company images used that are heavy and dreary herinningen calls, only for the profit? “
Earlier this month Netflix is already under fire because in the horror film “Death Note” images of the train accident in Buizingen in 2010 are used. Railway company nmbs / SNCB deplored the use of the images.

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