Next month all new summit meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un

184d5964c53dcad83969a476dbd0b07a - Next month all new summit meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un

The White House confirms that Us president Donald Trump with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the end of February will again meet. Friday receive Trump the North Korean toponderhandelaar Kim Yong-chol, a right hand of Kim Jong-un.

Trump met with Kim Jong-un for the first time in Singapore in June 2018. An exact date for the second meeting is not yet fixed, but the White House is aiming for the end of February. The location will be communicated later.

During the first meeting, spoke to the leaders about the nuclear disarmament of North Korea, in exchange for the end of sanctions against the regime. Until a real deal came not, there was only a letter of intent signed.

The balance sheet of the previous summit in Singapore in June 2018 remains flat. Trump fans cheered when that North Korea is ‘resolved’, because the words ” nuclear disarmament of the Korean peninsula’ in the vague final were. Opponents cried that Trump to be a heavy symbolic concession to the dictatorial North Korea had done.


Trumps spokeswoman confirmed that the president Kim Yong-chol, the right hand of Kim Jong-un, on Friday in the Oval Office will meet. Earlier in the day had Yong-chol have been met with Trumps minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo. He was at the start of the call, accompanied by Stephen Biegun, the U.s. special envoy for Need Korea.

“They will speak about the ties between the two countries and the continued progress of North Korea’s final and audited denuclearisering,” said spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

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