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Newsflash: Ripple whales, New Bitcoin ETF, Stellar Investment Fund

Newsflash: Ripple whales, New Bitcoin ETF, Stellar Investment Fund

Home News Newsflash: Ripple whales, New Bitcoin ETF, Stellar Investment Fund

Marcel Knobloch –

Again three Kryptowale have moved large quantities of XRP, a total of 61.346.295 XRP, with a value of more than $ 20 million. Costs of a total of not even 3 cents was incurred, and the transactions were unwound within a couple of seconds. The largest Transfer was just under $ 14 million and was made from a unknown Wallet of the us-based exchange Bittrex. This could be an indication that the owner wants to sell a portion of his XRP assets or Trade. The other two XRP whales have shifted their assets on the Korean stock exchange UpBit.

In the past, often unknown whales have transferred large amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital Assets, without a significant impact on the crypto market were heard.

New Bitcoin ETF company in New York

The New York-based investment firm Wilshire Phoenix, the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a new proposal for the Bitcoin ETF breitetet. The Proposal includes a possibility to reduce the volatility by this approach to trust in Bitcoin and the US creates dollars (freely translated):

The shares are intended to replicate a direct investment in Bitcoin, you should participate in events to give investors a simplified way on the market. You want to provide investors with a Bitcoin Engagement with substantially lower volatility than to acquire a direct investment in Bitcoin, and without the uncertain and often complex requirements of Bitcoin and / or to keep.

The SEC already has countless requests for more Bitcoin ETF’s on the Desk, but was approved up to the present day, none of these applications. It remains to be seen what time is this, a decisive breakthrough can be achieved.

Stellar Investment Fund

One of the largest crypto investment companies in the world, Grayscale, yesterday launched a new Fund for Stellar Lumens (XLM). Currently, Grayscale offers eight Single-Asset products, in which their clients can invest. These include Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum Classic, Horizon, Litecoin and ZCash.

Grayscale is regarded as a pioneer in the Fund trading digital Assets in the United States of America.

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