New problems in salvation Spanish toddler

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The search for the Spanish boy that is now already six days in the neighbourhood of Malaga in a one hundred meter deep shaft is stuck, has been slower than planned. By complications are the rescue services on Saturday morning are still not able to start with the drilling of the bergingstunnel.

The whole night was worked on the construction of a platform on which a large drill of 75 tons stable should be able to stand. Several excavators were busy at night to work.

Since Sunday, there is no sign more of life of the two year old toddler. Together with his family, he was on a trip, and the boy would be in a more than hundred meter deep shaft for groundwater investigation, including cases, are. That hole has a diameter of well 25 inches. With a camera was at 75 metres depth, though a bag is found with candy that the boy had. Loose sand prevents, however, to even deeper to be able to look.

A spokesman of the workers, an engineer, Angel Garcia Vidal, said Friday that the goal is to have the toddler ‘for Monday’. However, there are still many uncertainties.


With the paving of the ground made the workers, and in the meantime new rocks, whatever for further delay. If the platform is complete, and the machine is mounted, it needs to be bergingstunnel drilling perpendicular to the shaft.

In the first instance, is the plan to be on 80 meters depth of drilling. Thereafter, they should be experienced miners, a connection with the shaft construction, with a robotcamera deeper into the boy search. There is also a bodemradar from Sweden used.

The rescue services are also worried about the rain that announced. On Saturday morning fell, the first drops in Totalan, a good fifteen kilometers to the northeast of Malaga.

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