Michiel De Meyer never more at Home

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Friday night took Arne a surprising decision in the Home: suddenly dived Arne on Femke to have to apologize for what he had done. Arne was involved in the murder of a Chinese businessman, and before that he flew the prison. He told Edna that he was going to Switzerland departs to be with his parents. “You will know of me no more trouble. I’m sorry, Femke”, were the last words of Arne in the Home. The VRT there was no press release and thus, we assume that the departure of Michiel De Meyer for even a moment would be. Michiel extremely busy with, among other 40-45 where he is in the ensemble and the alternate for Louis Segers. But there is more to it: it is effectively over and out for Arne at Home. Friday night was Arne for the last in the soap. Michiel De Meyer left Saturday to know that, after almost three years of saying goodbye to Arne. “In consultation with the production and the schrijfteam,” says the actor and singer. “It’s going to be a final farewell of Home. Thank You one for this adventure”, write Michael in a comment. Michiel does already mysterious because he has in his message also about the new challenges. We need that elsewhere on tv, search or throw Michiel De Meyer is on making a first album? Let’s not forget that last year shone in Steracteur, Sterartiest, also all on one.

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