Matteo Simoni and Ruth Beeckmans, come to Ostend for a Trio

On Friday 15 February, Matteo Simoni and Ruth Beeckmans, their latest film “Trio” proposals in Cinema Storck, the art house project, film Festival Oostende. Cinema Storck went in October back to start, after a successful first edition last year.

At the request of the cinephile Oostendenaars started Filmfestival Oostende in October 2017, with the arthouse project ‘Cinema Storck”, Oostendenaar Henri Storck, one of the great masters of the documentary.
Five days a week, you can at Kinepolis Ostend and enjoy the best auteurscinema of the time. Cinema Storck shows international and arthouse films as well as Flemish films and co-productions that are not in the regular programming of Kinepolis Oostende will be shown. This gives the public from the region the opportunity to this not-to-miss movies close to home.

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