Labour continues to insist on new elections

097974c4179968c45233369c8b1dc203 - Labour continues to insist on new elections

Labour, the largest opposition party in the United Kingdom, will continue to insist on new parliamentary elections in an attempt to deadlock around the Brexit to break. That has Keir Starmer, the schaduwminister for the Brexit, Saturday, declared in a speech to a centre-left think tank.

The British prime minister Theresa May suffered Tuesday in the house of Commons a heavy defeat at the vote on its Brexit-deal. The agreement was also voted down by more than a hundred members of the Conservative Party. A day later survived May a by Labour contrived vote of confidence in.

‘The vote of confidence in Wednesday was just the beginning of our efforts to the general elections to come. It is not the end’, said Starmer. “New elections are our priority. Because it is the only way to make the radical change that this country needs.’ The social democratic member of parliament also stressed that Labour have no support in the Brexitdeal of May‘, or to any slightly modified version thereof’.

The theme of the early elections leads, meanwhile, is a lot of speculation. The newspaper The Financial Times writes Saturday that Theresa May with several of your employees have an emergency plan for ‘snap ‘ elections’ would have discussed. Also would three ministers to the newspaper have declared that elections are a ‘possibility’. May denies the rumors and says that new elections ‘is not in the national interest’.

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