Davina Michelle in Flanders conquer

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Davina Michelle is a 23-year-old Dutch singer who in 2017 through YouTube, known worldwide by its cover of a song from the American singer Pink. When the superstar Davina’s cover on YouTube and discovered they sent after himself to the world with the announcement that she is her own number never so beautiful could sing like Davina. The conscious video has now been more than 12 million views on Youtube, Davina’s channel on Youtube (which they weekly a new cover suggests) has about 550.000 subscribers.
In 2018, was Davina to see in ‘Best Singers’, the Dutch counterpart of our Flemish ‘Love For Music’. In episode 5, she brought her own version of ‘Takes Too Long’, a song from the Dutch artist Glen Faria (i.e. MC Fit). 2 days after the broadcast was the number on the first place in the iTunes charts, at the end of december, she established a record when her single for the 8th week in a row, the Top 40 leader, something that never happened with a song of a Dutch artist.
After the massive success of this hit single in the Netherlands comes this likeable Dutch with her number, now to Flanders, spread.

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