Colombian president want to attack hard action against rebels

3018b352663612aeeec01354d419268e - Colombian president want to attack hard action against rebels

After the heavy bombing, with 21 dead at a police academy in Colombia, the government has hard announced measures against the leftist guerrilla ELN. The arrest warrants against leaders of the group, who because of the talks had been suspended, are again in force.

That said, the right-wing president Iván Duque Friday. He asked other countries to the ELN leaders to address. The members of the ELN are located in Cuba.

“We will not rest until we are all perpetrators and figures, behind-the-scenes account have to travel,” said Duque. The culprit, according to the government, a long-time member and a springstoffenexpert of the ELN came in the attack to life. A suspect after the attack in Bogotá arrested.

In the attack Thursday on a police academy in the Colombian capital Bogotá were 21 persons to life and got dozens of wounded. Shortly after a ceremony in which cadets were promoted, rode a man with a car in the building of the police academy in the south of Bogotá. The car was filled with explosives. The government says the ELN is responsible for the attack.

‘Cuba will strictly adhere to the protocol for the vredesdialoog signed between the government of Colombia and the ELN’, responded the Cuban foreign affairs minister Bruno Rodríguez Friday night via Twitter. Cuba goes with the different parties and with other countries to discuss the situation.

Duque stated shortly after assuming office in August last year, his demands before peace talks with the ELN could resume. So, he wanted that the ELN hostages off. Duque also applies if an opponent of the peace agreement that, in 2016, was signed with the Farc, the largest guerrilla movement of the country.

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