Yet for premiere Council 2: a Council 3

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Sunday, January 20, is the latest production Asissen The Gifmoord of theaterhuis Except. in the premiere. However, producers James Cooke and Bob Jennes already known that a sequel is assured. Council 3 gets the subtitle of The Wurgmoord.

Director and co-author Frank Van Laecke says enthusiastically that COUNCIL a note. “The concept where actors Kürt Rogiers, Francesca Vanthielen and Frans Maas fixed values, stores incredibly.” That the audience plays an active role during this performance has undoubtedly something to do with it. “The public has an important task. They are the jury. By majority vote whether the accused is not found guilty, they will decide the end of the story” Frank Van Laecke further. “There is, therefore, expected of them that they are all there at the scene happening nauwgelet keep an eye on.” adds producer James Cooke.

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