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Woman convicted photographer get from the Swedish Academy

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The poet Katarina Frostenson occurs after a months-long struggle from the Swedish Academy. That was her in October already asked. She is the wife of the photographer Jean-Claude Arnault, condemned for rape.

The writer has decided the Academy to leave, so informed the institution Friday in Stockholm. There is an agreement with her which she 12.875 Swedish crowns (approximately 1,250 euro) per month in compensation. In addition, she gets a grant to the house to continue that they of the Academy rents.

In October early to the committee that the Nobel prize for Literature, reaches out to her to leave, to his image to Polish after the scandal involving Arnault was involved. He was to a term of imprisonment of two and a half years convicted of rape within the domains of the Academy. Several members of the committee stepped then on, it was in 2018, no Nobel prize for the Literature distributed.

The Academy accused Frostenson that they are the winner of the Nobel prize for Literature in advance will let you in had to him, and thus her confidentiality had been breached.

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