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Without Mathieu van der Poel in the penultimate duel is world Cup Belgian duel: French cross may be crucial

In the French Pontchâteau is Sunday the penultimate round of the world Cup cyclo-cross finished. When the lord leads Toon Aerts with seven points ahead of world champion Wout van Aert. Mathieu van der Poel is third, but is not of the party in France and would prefer an internship in Spain in order to prepare themselves for the world cup.

The last time that an international race in Pontchâteau, took place in 2016. When is the new Show Aerts is the European champion after Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel each other not budge an inch gifts and Aerts clever with the title at the take went, partly also due to the excellent ploegwerk of Wout van Aert in the background. Aerts then won on a dry and fast circulation. That was the end of October 2016, now crosses the cx again in France, but in the month of January, all will Pontchâteau never a moddercross be like in Kruibeke and his technique and speed is of great importance.

Aerts start to the leadership Of Aert follows on seven points, Van der Poel is in third with a large backlog and therefore is not of the party in France and would prefer an internship in Spain. For the winner, 80 points to play, for the second 70 points, the third 65 points. Whoever wins picks up important points, it can be expected that the fight until the end, in the world Cup in Hoogerheide on Sunday, January 27th, will be a battle.

Crown Of Aert will still be able to winner, then that also means that Belgium only seven riders may depute to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Denmark as the leader of Cibel-Cebon also world champion, with a victory for Toon Aerts goes to eight riders.

Also Sanne Cant choose stage

In the ladies is Sanne Cant not at the start of the world Cup, where Marianne Vos leads with 414 points and Belgian champion in the second state. “I don’t have much more to win in that classification,” said Cant after the BK in Kruibeke. “Whether I’m second or third word in that gc doesn’t much matter (the fourth, Kaitlin Keough, has already 64 points behind on Cant). Rather I prepare myself with an internship in Spain for the world cup. However, I take a week later part in the race in Hoogerheide.”

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