Us police kills teen with airsoftpistool

5a86423ac50707498b371a9f3bd3f012 - Us police kills teen with airsoftpistool

Agents from the U.s. city of Tempe shots during a chase, a fourteen-year-old boy down a replicawapen bijhad. He died in the hospital.

Thursday there was a vigil held at the police station of Tempe. Because the boy is latino, linking some of them are death to police brutality against minorities. “We demand that the police responsible for the killing of mostly unarmed minorities,” said activist Alexia Isais to AP.

The fourteen-year-old fled Tuesday from the agents, who wanted him to persist for a car burglary. According to the police, and turned to the boy during the chase. One of the officers felt threatened and shot the boy down.

It is not clear whether the boy is the replicageweer on the agents. According to the police the boy had the airsoftpistool stolen out of the car.

The chase was recorded by a bodycam. AP has the images requested, but got no answer yet. The images have not been released.

‘An agent has a taser, doesn’t it? Why was my brother not getaserd?’, asked his brother on the news agency ABC15 Arizona station.

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