‘Trump asked the lawyer to lie to parliament’

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The former lawyer, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, had of the American president lying to the Congress about a real estate project in Moscow. That would appear from the testimony of Cohen, according to the news site Buzzfeed. Trump denies, the Democrats ask for an investigation.

Everything revolves around the presidential campaign of 2016 and the question of whether Trumps company in that period in time, negotiated a real estate project – the construction of Trump-tower in Moscow. Trump claimed when repeatedly that he had nothing to do with Russia.

Michael Cohen, the man who for many years things are arranged for Trump, declared earlier compared to the Senate that these negotiations in January 2016, before the election campaign started, were last. But Cohen came back to later and said that the negotiations still ran after January 2016.

Real estate project

Cohen was in late december sentenced for false statements, financial tampering and illegal campaign funding. He has worked with special prosecutor Robert Mueller for his research into the Russian interference during the presidential election. According to Buzzfeed would Cohen to Mueller to have said that he of Trump was commissioned to lie to Congress.

Buzzfeed mentions two sources, government officials who are involved in the research of Mueller. According to these sources, Cohen also stated that Trump him during the presidential campaign gave the order the real estate project to a good end.

Trump responded immediately with a reminder of the poor state of service of the ex-employee.

Democrats angry

Everything stands or falls with the burden of proof that Cohen can provide. According to the Buzzfeed journalists is that evidence is there: sms, e-mails, documents. Itself saw the journalists that the evidence is not, they have confidence in their sources.

As the story of Buzzfeed is right, and the burden of proof is convincing, would Trump in close shoes. Someone turn on to lie under oath is a crime. The Democrats respond angrily, and want an investigation.

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