Tic tac is back!

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Starting this fall, brings Ketnet Junior a new set of tic tac. That news was this morning brought to Debecker on Radio 1.

Inge Bollens was this morning a guest at Debecker on Radio 1. She is the granddaughter of Mil Lenssens, the author of tick tock, and she was one of the well known, ” tick tock-children”. The series came in 1981 for the first time on tv and then became part of the collective memory.

Ketnet Junior is currently working on a new series to again generations of toddlers and pre-schoolers attention with familiar elements, such as the sheep and the schaduwmannetje.

Inge Bollens:

“Tik Tak ” was the brainchild of my grandfather Mil Lenssens. Almost forty years ago he got the idea when he saw how fascinated young children watched the lottery draw. I am glad that tick tock in a new look and feel, and again this autumn will be shown on television. The concept of the past, but with and for the children of today.”

Maarten Janssen, Network Manager Ketnet:

“Tik Tak” was brilliant in its simplicity, and remains as a concept, also decades later, still standing. It was also an international success, because tick tock was broadcast in Australia, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United States. It is with an immense amount of respect for the original that we are now working on new episodes of tic tac. The finish and quality will satisfy the quality standards of now, but in materials, sections and textures we want to absolutely stay true to the original version. That way, when new generations of toddlers and preschool children, thanks to Teen Junior can enjoy this unique, timeless program.”

From this autumn on Ketnet Junior

Since this fall, Ketnet Junior in the afternoon to see on the channel Canvas, in addition to the already existing offer on the Ketnet channel. Ketnet Junior will put in on titles of their own soil and to measure the development of the very young. Fixed values include Kaatje, Bob the Builder, Bumba, Uki, Biba & Loeba and Suske & Wiske Junior.

Ketnet Junior, in the morning’s channel Ketnet, in the afternoon on Canvas.

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