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Security, low fees, mobile access – Where you start in the new year, with the trade – Coin Hero

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Security, low fees, mobile access – Where you start in the new year with the trade

Home News security, low fees, mobile access – Where you in the new year with the start trading

Martin Hubmann –

Experts as well as analysts called the trade unanimously as one of the most important Trends of the crypto-currencies in 2019. The interest of the users of the trading increased significantly, while crypto-currency-exchanges improved their functionality. This allows specialists to predict a double growth in the volume of trade transactions within the next 12 months. Experienced traders look to great chances of winning, and newcomers will have to for the right stock market decide, in order to guarantee a successful start.

The cryptographic stock exchange Alterdice offers good options. Their headquarters is located in Singapore. According to the daily trading volume of the platform 1,377 million $. Alterdice customers to carry out transactions in the monthly value of 35,46 million $ in Bitcoin and major Altcoins.

The Mission of the platform is the fact that expedient and to guarantee the safest conditions for the successful trade with the leading digital Coins. Developers are confident that trading with crypto-currencies have a large Potential and the effectiveness of economic processes in the world can significantly increase. Alterdice respects, with emphasis on the protection of users of credit and to the continuous improvement of customer service quality. Traders at every Level get comprehensive, current, trade, tools, to be profitable to carry out transactions in a simple, functional, and safe environment.

Functions of the Alterdice platform

The Alterdice trading platform offers a high level of liquidity of the most important crypto-currencies allows you to trade one Coin against another, and against traditional currencies quickly and easily. The use of different trade order types generated regardless of current market trends, and profits from transactions. With the ability to analyze Charts on the stock market, the traders to the right decision regarding the transaction.

Due to the continuous improvement and expansion of trading opportunities to the Alterdice platform assures the lowest transaction fees on the market, which do not exceed a value of 0.2%. The stock exchange is calculated in the case of deposits, no fees, and sets the minimum payout of Commission is an amount that is calculated automatically by the System when a payment is requested.

Cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the highest safety

A high level of safety when working with the platform is guaranteed by an effective combination of innovative technologies and tried-and-tested safety systems. The platform creates daily Backups of records and archives is also encrypted information, while you use the 2FA mechanism for the accounts of their users. In addition, the exchange implemented methods of DDOS protection and server protection. Most digital materials are stored in Offline Wallets, which is the maximum security of the credit offer.

Boundless trade with the Alterdice platform

The execution of transactions on the Alterdice platform is both the Web Version as well as with the Mobile App.

You can begin within a few minutes of Action, after you go through a simple registration process in the Format you selected. Directly after the account verification, the trader gets access to all exchange functions, including transactions, statements, and financial management, Transfers between the Wallets, to check account status, protected API access, transaction notifications in real time, as well as individual Interface settings.

Detailed information about the platform, visit the official Website and the social networks.

The new year is a great way to begin under the most favourable conditions with the trade. You will benefit for a simple and successful Start-up of the largest and one of the most advanced crypto-currency platforms!

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