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Pucker up for American Hustle

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The retro-pastiche ‘American Hustle’ was five years ago coldly received, judgement tonight itself. Or look at the ‘45 years’ or ‘Man up’, the choice is yours.

1 45 YEARS

Canvas 22.10-23.45 hours

Tom Courtenay is old enough to be an Oscar nomination in the bag for his role in Doctor Zhivago. Charlotte Rampling is young enough to be her film debut in A hard day’s night. Together, they give a few generations younger actors the butt of their talent in this beautiful, subtle drama.


One 23.25-0.50 hour

Simon Pegg running today overtime: you can also see it working in the frantic sci-fi action comedy The world’s end on Caz. In Man up is going to be a little quieter, but the dialogues are still a bit spitser.


NPO 3 22.20-0.35 hour

This retro-pastiche was five years ago, coldly received. The story is indeed together with spit and binder or baler twine, but Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence are so precious to amuse, that even Bradley Cooper excited.

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