“Never younger seen drunk Côtes-du-Rhône’

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The French Agriculture minister Didier Guillaume has continued to rage on the neck of verslavingsexperten with statements about alcohol.

‘An alcohol addiction is dramatic, and especially among young people, with the bingedrinken, ” said Guillaume in an interview with BFMTV. “But I’ve never seen a young person who was drunk from a night club is because he Côtes-du-Rhône or Bordeaux has drunk.’

According to him, drink to young people mainly spirits or mixed drinks. ‘Wine is not alcohol like all the others.’

“We need all the addictions to fight, but we need the French and the youth also is good to teach’, added the minister added. “We should teach them to have a glass to drink wine, to know what it is.”

Different experts react angrily on social media. ‘Contrary to what the minister claims, studies show that young people drunk with wine (18 percent) or champagne (25 percent)’, responded to Bernard Basset, vice president of the National Association of Alcohol and Verslavingspreventie.

Alcohol drinking is firmly ingrained in the French culture. A couple of glasses of wine per meal is considered normal. In February, president Emmanuel Macron that he the afternoon and evening of wine drinking.

The minister’s statements come a week after the regeringsplan against addictions already a lot of criticism received because, for example, the price of alcohol is not increased. In Le Parisien called expert Laurent Karila on Monday that it is urgently time to alcohol abuse among young people on the national agenda.

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