Michel Van den Brande pulls out to politicians

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Michel Van den Brande grabs an article in the newspaper on Friday to the ladies and gentlemen politicians aware of their responsibilities. Theo Francken, state Friday on the cover of The Latest News. Especially the title “as If I, myself, visas are sold on the market of Aleppo”, to the dismay of Michel Van den Brande. Francken was Thursday in the Room harshly after scandal with humanitarian visas by a politician in Mechelen. “Sometimes it was really grotesque. As if I single-handedly visas sold on the market of Aleppo,” says Francken in The Latest News. Van den Brande is doing on Facebook a wake up call to the ladies and gentlemen politicians ‘Wake up please!!!!’. What is going on? Michel Van den Brande: “This, we make all days. As an employer, we are condemned to succeed, and injuries resulting in death,” he responds on Facebook. In the past, Michel Van den Brande, and his company has repeatedly condemned and or required to have heavy fines to pay because one or more employees to use their safety equipment on a construction site are not used while they are perfectly available. This resulted in the past for a lot of annoyance at Van den Brande. “We give tens of thousands of euros in personal safety equipment and that is by us people also often neglected. Write now we hope, registered letters, even fines for NOT wearing their safety equipment, but still find them with the labour inspectorate and the courts that we, as an employer, the culprits are”, reacts Van den Brande furious. According to the letter of the law an employer is responsible for the non-wearing of safety clothing. That goes from the shoes to the helmet, gloves, fall protection and so we can just move on. Michel Van den Brande defended himself earlier by stating that it was not possible for all staff throughout the day can check. However, the court is every time inexorably Van den Brande. “I’m sitting on mine in the office , there will be an accident at work and I’ve done that”, responds Michel disappointed. The comparison with the Theo Francs now happens is therefore easily placed. “There is someone selling visas and the boss has been !!!! Ge should people fine that their material not want to wear and still not on the employer’s shoot”, says Van den Brande. “I’m not a fan of Theo Francken , but it is an example of how the politics and the right people to judge that there really nothing can do !!!!” And thus, Van den Brande, his point made.

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