Kate Ryan and Sam Feldt launch their brand new single ‘Gold’

Kate Ryan and Sam Feldt launch their brand new single 'Gold'

It took some time for her fans treated me to new music, but today launches Kate Ryan, along with deejay and wereldproducer Sam Feldt, their long awaited single ‘Gold’. “I have been searching for a striking, relevant sound. I like to challenge myself to new muziekpaden to walk. The past months have been intense, because Sam and I have taken the time to ‘Gold’. The song is about fears to overcome out of your comfort zone and to look ahead. For me it was a challenge, but I’m very proud of the result!“
Sam Feldt, known for the hits ” Where’s My Love’, ‘Heaven (Don’t Have A Name)’, ‘Just To Feel Alive’ and his version of the Robin S classic ‘Show Me Love’, which he, four years ago, a monsterhit scored, Kate Ryan in the top drawer. “When it comes to collaborations, I’m very picky. I had been for a while a melody and idea in my head, but ‘Gold’ had some extra’s necessary. It was a challenge because the song is a strong Indie feel. A bit of mystery and magic that the listeners are also effective feel like they have the song set up. It was exactly what the song needed! It was a pleasure to be with Sam to work together,” says Kate Ryan. “Saturday night we set ‘Gold’ officially for Eurosonic Noorderslag. With Sam and our live musicians, I’m just like o.a. Portland, Blackwave and Warhola, as a Belgian on the podium. Yes, I am quite nervous for, because Eurosonic is one of the largest international showcase festivals. The whole weekend, all eyes of the music business to make this happen aim. Exciting!”
By working together with Sam Feldt and his team, go there for Kate Ryan new doors open. ’Gold’ comes from in countries where I never have released. There is worked very hard on this song and now it is up to the public and the radio stations to rate it. The first reactions sound very promising.”

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