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“I don’t think I have the same fate as Stoffel Vandoorne will have to undergo”

7ac5860cffd283c2f7d776c87b239114 - "I don't think I have the same fate as Stoffel Vandoorne will have to undergo"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne was after two very difficult seasons at McLaren to say goodbye to Formula 1. His successor, Lando Norris, be not afraid of a similar fate to suffer.

After his very strong performance in the opstapklassen to the Formula 1 and win the GP2 title was of Stoffel Vandoorne said he is a supertalent. Some compared him with, among others, Lewis Hamilton and thought that Vandoorne as a future F1 champion.

Once in the Formula 1 arrived could Vandoorne, the high expectations did not live up to. About the cause, do there are a lot of speculations the round, but it is generally assumed that the circumstances they were’nt.

Vandoorne had Fernando Alonso as team-mate, a world champion who was able to rely on years of experience and that often the new parts first. This combined with two seasons in which McLaren have a bad car, had ensured that Vandoorne is never really in the spotlight could drive.

Lando Norris will be next season, Vandoorne and follow-up together with Carlos Sainz jr. the rijdersduo at McLaren form. The still only 19-year-old Norris fear not that he was in a similar scenario as Vandoorne will go.

“It’s hard for me to say so it came that he is not his maximum performance was able to achieve,” he told Lando Norris compared to ‘Auto Motor und Sport’.

“I focus just on myself. If Carlos me during the first race manages to beat then I will analyze the cause was and what he was better. I have a full season to learn and me to adjust. I’m not worried.”

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