How the yellow vests indoctrinated to be

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For the French cardigans jaunes their fluovestjes attracted, was politically for the vast majority of them are far from their bed. Since then, they are daily flooded with extreme right-wing, anti-democratic propaganda.

Facebook has played a crucial role in the success, but especially in the radicalisation of the yellow vests. Through the social network became the movement in the extreme right-wing waters. That is the conclusion of a …

Facebook has played a crucial role in the success, but especially in the radicalisation of the yellow vests. Through the social network became the movement in the extreme right-wing waters. This is the conclusion of a study published this week by the Fondation Jean Jaurès, a progressive research and action centre that was set up in 1992 by the former socialist prime minister Pierre Mauroy, who is the chairman remained until his death in 2013.

The legitimate social concerns of the early days are completely pushed out of the way, the report And immersion numérique avec les ‘cardigans jaunes’ . Today is the final battle against the president and Emmanuel Macron, and the democratic institutions.

The history of the yellow vests begin on 29 may last year, when Priscillia Ludosky, a former bank clerk, a petition against the high fuel prices on the internet. Her initiative might be a quiet death have died if they succeeded in doing was to attract the attention of a local radio station and news site and that way as the wife of a truck driver, Éric Drouet.

Police brutality

That put immediately a facebook group. It was already the middle of October, but from then on it went fast and furious. Especially after the national media the story had been discovered. The number of facebook groups multiplied by itself. The language was how strijdvaardiger; the number of fake messages, fake news, took a high flight.

The radicalisation is driven by the way in which Facebook works: the ‘posts’ that the majority of the responses calls are automatically placed on top. There, the most virulent and most spectacular posts the most comments to provoke, it is these messages that the yellow vests to see if they are on Facebook sign up. So succeed, the most extremist members of the facebook groups to put the debate to dominate.

It is the author of the report, journalist Novel Bornstein of the public broadcaster France Culture, that there never is linked to the media, Russia Today , unless it comes to stories about police brutality or a political scandal. More and more create the hesjesgroepen a universe of his own, fed by alternative facts.


The movement insists that they leiderloos. But, as the report says: ‘All the yellow bibs are equal, but some are more equal than others’. The two most influential leaders prove Éric Drouet and Maxime Nicolle, alias Fly Rider, too.

A picture of both leaders can be measured a bit to the hand of their old facebookposts. That they have since cleared, but not for the left-wing newspaper , Libération she had studied. For the soft talking, seemingly calm Drouet proves a virulent dislike of the president and Emmanuel Macron, and a determination to the government to overthrow. Even though he rarely the back of his tongue, yet it speaks, a fierce resistance against immigration.

Nicolle thirst then once to right-wing conspiracy theories. So he held to his own words, ” secret documents of such a nature that its ‘the government’ and ‘a third world war to unleash’. He also knows of a network of superrijke paedophiles who with the blessing of the state and the media to conduct trade in children.

The report of the Fondation, please note that Drouet and Nicolle there are not aware that their views are the extreme right-wing. However, that chance is small, concludes the author. And he adds a series of conscious likes and approving comments that both since 2015, attracted to Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin.

Sure at this moment is the movement controlled by sympathizers of the extreme right, argues Bornstein.

Mélenchon and Le Pen

The report makes a similar profile of the less well-known, regional leaders of the bibs. Also, many of them found the author has a dislike of Macron and of migrants. In that profile there were racist and homophobic comments and calls after the attack at the concert hall Bataclan to take up arms.

None of that shows in the eyes of the shirts offensive. The only unforgivable mistakes are unions ‘ commitment to, and a candidate for a political party, which Le Pen is included.

The newspaper Le Monde compared the list of 42 ‘directives du peuple’ that the movement at the end of november, with the programs of the presidential candidates in 2017, as two-thirds corresponds to the ideas of the left-wing populist Jean-Luc Mélenchon of La France insoumise, half with that of Marine Le Pen and her former ally Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.


The ordinary vests tribes, certainly not all from the extreme right environment, but as a group, they are there too. They make use of language that is characteristic for that effect: insults, people compare it with animals, the opponents diaboliseren, any compromise, reject, and especially the absolute rejection of democracy.

Facebook has, according to the report played a major role in the radicalisation of the yellow vests. Originally gave the social network a greater visibility to ‘pages’ – sites created and managed by media, organisations, company or celebrity. A facebookgebruiker pages ‘follow’ and comment on, but don’t take the initiative.

But when it turned out that those pages were used to fake news to be spread in the hope Donald Trump to power, changed Facebook early last year his algorithm and gave the groups a more prominent place.

The messages on these ‘groups’ are driven by the members themselves. It was, according to Marc Zuckerberg intended to make the local communities to unite. It was, however, different. According to the report, there is a direct link between the changes that Facebook instituted and the success of the yellow bibs: once a member of a group, it is 80 percent of the posts on his timeline from the group. Outside of the timeliness of the bibs, nothing seems more to exist. In his parallel reality he is devoid of contrary opinions, of verifiable facts and rational arguments.

Children and pets

It’s not going to be an insignificant handful. The numerator of the largest facebook group is 2.7 million members. Half of the French informs exclusively through Facebook; 22 million surfers to log on it daily.

For they became members of a hesjesgroep placed the most photos of their vacations, their kids or their pets on the network. As a member of those groups reveal they are now the source of their anger and frustration – ready for Facebook in ready-made data to be cast and sold to political actors that a new tranche of voters want to appeal to their cart energetic.

That is perhaps the most important legacy of the movement, decision Bornstein. The occupation of the round points will not last, the attention of the media will faint, but the yellow shirts have their data on the internet left behind. And the internet don’t forget.

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