Four will also, in spring of challenger of VTM and Eén

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Also in the spring will Four the challenger of VTM and One and the competitors are the fire feat. The commercial channel picks up in the coming months, with a pack of new seasons of well-known performers, a pack of brand new programs and three new schermgezichten: Dina Tersago, Evi Hanssen and Viktor Verhulst. The stations from Vilvoorde presented yesterday their programming for the spring to the press and the advertisers.

SBS Belgium, the financial holding company of Four, Five and Six, is satisfied about 2018. The three commercial channels together reached a market share of 20.1 percent on the commercially interesting target group 18 – to 54-year-olds. In 2017, it was 19.3 percent and three years ago to 17.9 percent. The media group had the ambition to be the cape of the 20 percent in 2019, to exceed, but did so a year earlier and is satisfied with it.

Four presents himself for a while as the smallest of the three major general-interest channels in Flanders, after Eén and VTM. “We are the smallest of the big three,” says Annick Bongers, director of SBS Belgium. “Also this spring, we want to be going along the same lines, the ‘challenger’ and again the other two major channels to challenge and surprise. We do that with outstanding programs, but also by surprising uitzenddagen or hours.” Bongers, referring to “The Mole”, which last year suddenly on Sunday evening was programmed.

At the same time wants his viewers to continue to surprise. “We do that with brand new programs, but at the same time, we need trusted building blocks. It’s nice and important that we are increasingly more able to lean on a second or third season of the famous series. Thus, we can have a stable audience and to us keep,” explains Bongers.

The transmitter relies on a wide range of tv programmes, including human interest, adventure programs, feel-good entertainment, humor, sports, and fiction. Newcomers are “Help, my breasts are now online”, “Traffic Axel”, “Forever Young”, “Blind Bought”, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, “Treasures of the People” and “The Embassy”. SBS also got the rights within the Flemish version of the interactive daily reality-soap “Love Island”, which is currently the worldwide furore and by Viktor Verhulst will be presented. It is not yet known whether the Four or Five broadcast. The new fiction series “The Day” has been running since last week.

Four also expect much of the new seasons of “Callboys”, “Hotel Römantiek” and “The Mole”. Furthermore, there are a lot of new seasons of other performers, such as “Topdokters”, “Gent West”, “Huizenjagers” and “Gert Late Night”.

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