Former attorney Trump paid a company to polls to manipulate

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Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer of Donald Trump, would be a technology provider paid to surveys to adorn in the run-up to the presidential elections of 2016. That writes the Wall Street Journal Thursday.

Cohen says that he is in command acted of Trump. “I regret my blind loyalty to a man that do not deserve’, said the ex-attorney in a tweet on the coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

Cohen argued recently guilty and was previous month to three year prison sentenced for violations of the campaign funding and other charges. None, however, went about his contacts with the technology provider, which is covered in the Wall Street Journal.

$ 50,000

The newspaper said John Gauger, the boss of the company, that he the beginning of 2015, respectively, to 12,000 and 13,000 us dollars in cash was paid out of Cohen. That was only part of the agreed to $ 50,000 to online polls to influence in favor of the future president. According to Gauger, he saw never the rest of the money.

Cohen, by contrast, would be early 2017 for a fee of $ 50,000 from Trump and his company have received for the work. That should be apparent from a regeringsdocument by the Wall Street Journal is cited. The newspaper also cites an unnamed source that the case was familiar.

According to Rudy Giuliani, the current lawyer of Trump, proves the fee of $ 50,000 that Michael Cohen ‘completely unreliable’.

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