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Fake news from Macedonia

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The Flemish fake-news hunter Maarten Schenk strikes again: in cooperation with the Dutch Nieuwscheckers he puts a Macedonian network expose.

Schenk and Nieuwscheckers.nl publish a few months of articles on a network of dozens of Macedonian websites where fake news, mostly with pro-trump and anti-islam approach, was distributed. They could also find out who is behind that network is, a Macedonian military. Many of the websites are now gone, but in the past weeks, I went into two new, report Nieuwscheckers (the Dutchman Peter Burger) and Maarten Schenk.

They discovered that dozens of Twitter-trolling the left were posting articles on two recently surfaced anti-islam websites, Tapainfo.com and Tvrtinfo.com. So they try clicks (and thus reclameinkomsten) verzamen for those sites, the researchers say. The trolls focused primarily on American Trump supporters. They would, as a potential audience of 3.8 million users have been reached. Links to messages of tapainfo.com more than 22 thousand times, shared on Facebook pages with a total of more than three million followers. One of the fake Twitter accounts used the name Ana, but the profile picture turned out actually to belong to reality tv star Stanija Dobrojevic.

The VRT told Schenk that the network, according to him, purely commercial purposes: advertising revenue bringing. That the Macedonian network is now partly to divert to Twitter, would, according to the researchers, the measures that Facebook has taken against the spread of fake news.

The Flemish Maarten Schenk has in recent months, a remarkable record of achievements acquired in the hunt on fake news networks. On the basis of that success is the software which some years ago developed, Trendolizer. That software brings to map what stories, videos and memes on the internet ‘viral’. If such a viral story for a fact is false, then Give thanks to his Trendolizer often the first to see that, and there is a fact check of publishes, on its website Leadstories. But in the meantime he also goes a step further: by the trail of false stories to follow, he also knows through which web servers which stories are launched, and often also of who the servers are. In april of last year, he explained, as a network of fake news exposed in Ghana.

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