Dutch newspaper disconnects cooperation with designated correspondent

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The Dutch journalist Ans Boersma was a correspondent for the Dutch newspaper het Financieele Dagblad (FD) in Turkey. It was Thursday, the country turned off, and the editors-in-chief of the FD, the co-operation with her to stop, ‘because of negligence in the information”.

FD writes on the website that they had “intensive discussions” have taken Boersma, and on the basis of that contact, they have decided not to work. According to the newspaper, she could be insufficient to provide clarity on the elements which the Dutch Public prosecution service (OM) her dependants.

The suspects Boersma of forgery, and Turkey let us know that they the country was turned off because they have ties with the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra. Self she thinks that the suspicion follows because she had a relationship with a Syrian who last year in the Netherlands was arrested on suspicion of participation in Jabhat al-Nusra.


The newspaper thinks that Boersma three times negligent in the information that she provided. Boersma told that there are no personal motives played in Turkey to establish such a relationship. For the newspaper it was important to be able to assess whether it was safe for her to enter Turkey. ‘If the FD had known that Ans Boersma a year earlier had had a relationship with a Syrian who, through Turkey to the Netherlands, had fled, that would be for the FD to be an important reason to have been her not as a freelance correspondent to attract, ” writes the newspaper.

Second, she asked the editorial board not aware when her ex for the first time in the publicity came in november 2017, or on October 30, 2018, when he is arrested. ‘The editors-in-chief is deeply disappointed by its negligence. The trust has been seriously harmed. For this reason, the FD Friday Ans Boersma stated that they no longer can work, ” says the editorial.

The newspaper writes that there’s no reason for the news coverage of the journalist in question to attract. ‘The FD sees currently no reason to believe that the reporting content is incorrect or for some other reason does not meet the journalistic standards of the FD’, concludes the editorial.

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