Belgian court confirms that certification of Congolese Tshisekedi is counterfeit

b4922b03dd9b89ae94ed3476fe7de9c8 - Belgian court confirms that certification of Congolese Tshisekedi is counterfeit

At the request of the Congolese court examined the Belgian justice the diploma of Félix Tshisekedi, who declared as winner of the presidential election. The conclusion is that he has a falsified certificate used when he is last year’s candidate. That writes VRT NWS.

The Brussels school Institut des Carrières Commerciales (ICC) confirmed already La Libre Belgique that the diploma that Tshisekedi at the school achieved would have falsified. Tshisekedi’s party, responded that the document was not used in his presidentskandidatuur, but the VRT will report the opposite.

That candidacy was in spite of the schriftvervalsing so allowed by the Congolese electoral commission. Who in Congo’s president wants to be, it must either have a certificate of higher education may submit, or five years of professional experience in the field of politics, administration or economy.

Help of Belgium

Because the Congolese justice doubted the authenticity of the diploma was the help of the Belgian justice invoked. The public prosecutor-general of the court of appeal in Matete (Kinshasa) sent on August 7, a request to Brussels. On the 21st of november the investigation is completed and made Foreign Affairs the conclusions about the Congolese colleagues, more than a month before the election.

Spokespersons of ministers of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders and of Justice Koen Geens confirmed to the VRT that the Belgian courts are Congolese colleagues has helped.


The election commission announced on 10 January that Tshisekedi, the election had won. The results, however, are disputed, according to The Financial Times’ took opponent Martin Fayulu almost sixty percent of the votes.

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