African Union calls for suspension of final announcement of election results Congo

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The African Union (AU) has serious reservations with regard to the results of the presidential elections in the Congo. She calls on the authorities in Kinshasa to the publication of the final result. This is evident from a press release of the AU fri night, after a special session in the Ethiopian Addis Ababa.

The AU says that they have a delegation will be send to the Congo. That must be the conflict parties help to seek a way out from the current crisis.

The final result of the presidential and parliamentary elections held on december 30, 2018 will remain in the Congo is controversial. Since the familiar of the first results sound, there are allegations of kiesfraude. The election commission called last week surprisingly Félix Tshisekedi from to the victor of the presidential elections, instead of big favorite Martin Fayulu.

An analysis of leaked data from the polling stations set according to international media, the allegations of fraud. The data would demonstrate that Fayulu has won about sixty percent of the votes, not Tshisekedi. That last one would only twenty percent have been achieved, reported the Financial Times on Tuesday, just as the French media RFI And TV5.

Agreement with Kabila?

‘The analysis indicates massive fraud, ” wrote the Financial Times on the basis of the data sets. The critics who believe that the departure of outgoing president Joseph Kabila, the power in your hands via an agreement with Tshisekedi be their suspicions strengthened.

After almost eighteen years in power had been, if He is not a candidate for a new presidential term. Fayulu made in the meantime complaint to the Constitutional Court.

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