Yves Segers sings about a little bird

7227eac89e916c1c22bbccce31153276 - Yves Segers sings about a little bird

As the christmas trees again, it gradually disappeared from the streets and the days suddenly become colder and bleak feeling to it, than are the numerous carnavalisten that our country is rich is all too eager to go to the people to cheer up with their floats and fun hits. And if there’s 1 constant in the whole of the carnavalgebeuren that is Yves Segers.
The born Hallenaar got the Carnival with the spoon-fed and that will never be different. Whether carnival in Halle, Aalst, belgium or Hasselt is… the annual hit of Yves Segers sounding invariably on every carnavalstoet that is applying. After his carnavalhit ‘Great Figure’ of last year is Yves in 2019 to come up with an equally fun sequel ‘Vi Va Bird’. The song is now available as a digital download or via streaming, and will this spring also appear on the reference of the Carnavalalbums “Party Like The Beasts 2019′.

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