Turkey put Dutch journalist out of the country

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Turkey has sat night Ans Boersma, correspondent for, among others, the Dutch Financieele Dagblag (FD), expelled. According to the Turkish authorities in the Netherlands requested to have the journalist out of the country. The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office denies that.

‘And then you’re suddenly on the plane back to the Netherlands’, tweette Boersma Thursday morning. ‘Unwanted person declared in Turkey. #pressfreedom #freeturkeymedia’

The Turkish police Boersma Wednesday morning in Istanbul, when they are reported to the immigration office for the renewal of her residence permit. At a police station when she got word that Turkey her the country. That would be for ‘safety’ reasons, but further explanation was given to the correspondent.


Spokesman Fahrettin Altun says in a short statement that Boersma’s deportation ‘is in no way related to her journalistic activities in Turkey. The Turkish services were from the Netherlands, a request for information about Boersma’s movements in and out of Turkey, said Altun yet. He refers to the attacks that terror groups, ” such as PKK and in recent years have caused against Turkish citizens, but does not say explicitly with what terreurgroepering Boersma linked would


Boersma is a correspondent for het Financieele Dagblad. She spent the night of Wednesday to Thursday in a uitzettingscentrum, writes the newspaper on its site. “The Turkish authorities were for her not to have to go home to personal property. They had no more in itself than the backpack that they are in the morning at the immigration office had reported.’ The Dutch embassy was still on, but in vain.

Boersma had just last week, a Turkish press card for 2019. She was since the beginning of 2017 as a correspondent in Turkey active for the FD, and also for the Faithful and the magazine One World.

The public prosecutor in the Netherlands is not to say whether there is a criminal investigation to Boersma runs, because it was never commented on.

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