Trump cancels flight from Pelosi

f45c489a6cd42510acd86d16f0f084de - Trump cancels flight from Pelosi

The American president Donald Trump has a foreign trip of the president of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi deleted. He believes that they are by the ‘shutdown’ of the federal government not at the expense of the government abroad.

‘On the basis of the shutdown, I must inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan will have to be postponed, ” wrote Trump on the Democrate Pelosi. The Democrats regained after the last elections once again in control of the House.

The president suggested that Pelosi, if she wants it, an aircraft can travel, but that the use of a regeringsvliegtuig inappropriate. ‘In view of the fact that 800.000 groothartige American workers have no income, you agree to ensure that any postponement of this PR event absolutely disgusted, ” wrote Trump. Pelosi would be better with him to negotiate a solution related to the budget, added the president added.

The decision of Trump seems to be a revenge for the fact that Pelosi him Wednesday, has suggested his State of the Union in Congress to postpone or simply with a written statement.


The closing of the American administrations, broke Saturday’s record and is the longest in the history. A large part of the American government is flat because the Republicans and the Democrats do not agree on the budget. Trump wants to be in the budget of 5 billion Us dollars for the construction of the limes wall between Mexico and the United States, one of his biggest election promises, but the Democrats – that the House of Representatives in their hands – they do not want to know about it.

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