Suspected Football Leaks-hacker arrested

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Suspected Football Leaks-hacker arrested

17 January, 2019 04:31
17-01-19 04:31


A 30-year-old Portuguese is Wednesday night in Budapest arrested on suspicion of blackmail and breach of privacy. According to the Portuguese broadcaster RPT is a man that Portuguese football has been hacked and the data published on the website Football Leaks.

The broadcaster reports that the man is the prime suspect in the case of the hacking of the Portuguese clubs Benfica, Sporting Portugal and FC Porto. The defendant would be under more spelerscontracten, plans of clubs and mailgesprekken have stolen and publicly.

According to the Portuguese media took the man through his lawyer, contact the Portuguese clubs, and he tried the clubs to blackmail. He would take the documents to the public, as the clubs him a considerable sum of money would pay for.

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