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Stylist without airs

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Hans Vanaken follows team mate Ruud Shaper as Golden Shoe

Stylist without airs

Vista, technique and scoring ability. That are the arms with which Hans Vanaken slowly but surely way up to the stronger. Down to earth and humble. But always with the flair of the perfect gentleman.

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Hans Vanaken is the new Golden Shoe. For the third time in a row to win a player of Club Brugge. Virginie Lefour/belga

Hans Vanaken follows team mate Ruud Shaper as Golden Shoe

Stylist without airs

Vista, technique and scoring ability. That are the arms with which Hans Vanaken slowly but surely way up to the stronger. Down to earth and humble. But always with the flair of the perfect gentleman.

VoetbalJupiler Pro League

Of our editor Nico Tanghe

BrusselEén, two taps and then a splitting pass. Without looking, but still accurate and with the perfect speed. That’s Hans Vanaken at its best. On the Belgian fields, he is about the only that simplicity to an art elevates. And every game again generously sprinkles with tight strokes on the green turf.

For he, the ball, the 26-year-old Lommelnaar the solution has already been given. And technically, he can usually be perfectly. Despite his long, lazy body, that to him in the beginning of his career often has characterised. Not because he is quickly injured. On the contrary, Vanaken hit the past few years, no training and certainly almost no match.

But due to his lack of explosiveness, everything seems to Vanaken a tad slower. In a kind of slight slow motion in a hurry. If a stiff, neat gentleman. So many in him, not the stijlrijke director saw that he was in recent seasons at Club Brugge.

Lanky Belgian

Hans Vanaken has good timing and always wants the ball’

Roberto Martinez


In the youth of PSV, where the young Vanaken from nine years up, they saw the long, lanky Belgian is even a good uitvoetballende central defender. A Belgian Beckenbauer say. It is only when Vanaken on his fifteenth in the Netherlands was afgetest and back to Lommel moved, that he was at his favorite place in the team, the townspeople: that of pivot and attacking midfielder.

From that moment came the many hours of technique training in the Netherlands plenty of to their right and went the career of Vanaken’s only uphill. Not steep, and certainly not by leaps and bounds. But slowly and gently to the top, to the character of the sober and humble Person. Which makes the doubt among many observers for a long time remained.

However consumed Vanaken almost every step higher up without any problems. Beginning with his spectacular debut in the Jupiler Pro League in July 2013, when he was with the city of Lokeren, two goals scored and against Anderlecht. But also his move to Club Brugge, and this season, his first steps in the Champions League were always more than successful. Not spectacular, but ultimately more than enough.

In the youth of PSV saw one in Vanaken a good uitverdedigende central defender, a Belgian Beckenbauer

Because even though took Vanaken usually are time – after a difficult adjustment among Leko came Vanaken at the beginning of last season, even on the bank account – as soon as his confidence was on the field, he was usually just better. And, when he eventually style to efficiency.

Score and to score

Certainly in the Belgian league, where Vanaken this calendar year, more than ever, the stamp has printed on the Bruges midfield, where he was under coach Ivan Leko just about the only creative player was.

The Croatian trainer makes excellent use of his qualities. Vanaken scores and allows scoring – 14 goals and 17 assists in the league in 2018. He knows when you’re in a hurry, and when he the pace of the action should pick up. Or when there’s room for a brilliant impression.

It is notable that the danger often comes from the left, where the 26-year-old Limburger, like no other, the attacking flankspeler one-half in contention. whether José Izquierdo was or Anthony Limbombe – two boys who have now for big money were sold – or, as this season Arnaut Danjuma or Emmanuel Dennis.

Now Vanaken even in terms of balrecuperatie important steps has been made, seems to be the conductor of Club Brugge about ready for a step higher. Abroad. Not least because of his steady progress this fall even three times in a row, a selection by the Red Devils resulted. ‘Vanaken has good timing and always wants the ball’, described Roberto Martínez, the new-fangled Red Devil, who last year was elected professional footballer of the Year.

No adventurer

But whether it that far, remains to be seen. Because all of the 26-year-old Limburger now also oververdiend the Gold Shoe won, the thirteenth all for blue-black, the common sense that previously all Club Brugge-icons as Franky Vander Elst and Jan Ceulemans drew would be a foreign toptransfer stand in the way. Because just like some of its predecessors, Vanaken not only wars of glamour and glitz, he is also anything but an adventurer. Even restaurant exchange is for him and his girlfriend to his own words, ” already a big step.

In addition, warn specialists him for a wrong choice. He will be abroad the real top ability to keep up? Vanaken has or voetbalinzicht, technique and scoring ability, he has long not (yet) the explosiveness of a Hazard or the pedaling technique and the motor of a Kevin de Bruyne. So Vanaken very dependent on the team around him. To excel, the stylist from Lommel a kaatsende striker is needed, and running people around. There are not, than decreases his efficiency and he will have a difficult space, with a splitting of individual action (Hazard) or a flashy shot (De Bruyne).

Maybe Vanaken but then also consider to just get in their own country to continue a lifelong contract to sign for Club Brugge. If he follow hulptrainer Timmy Simons – other clubicoon – has Vanaken in the capital of West-Flanders has at least 15 good years ahead of us. Bluvn Goan, Hans.

Youitslag Golden Shoe:

1. Hans Vanaken (Club Brugge) 250 points

2. Mehdi Carcela (Standard) 143

3. Alejandro Pozuelo (RC Genk) 119

4. Junior Edmilson (Standard) 80

5. Leandro Trossard (RC Genk) 77

6. Ruslan Malinovskyi (RC Genk) 40

7. Ruud Molder (Club Brugge) 22

8. Luis Garcia (Eupen) 6

9. Aly Samatta (RC Genk) 6

10. Brandon Mechele (Club Brugge) 5

Best Goalkeeper: Lovre Kalinic (AA Gent)

Beste Younger: Wesley Moraes (Club Brugge)

Best Coach: Ivan Leko (Club Brugge)

Golden Shoe women: Tessa Wullaert (Manchester City)

Most Beautiful Goal: Siebe Schrijvers (Club Brugge)

Best Belgian abroad: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

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