Rapper Eddyani remains convicted friend defend but apologizes to victims

7e7f21dac16ee19709ae5facc0ea807d - Rapper Eddyani remains convicted friend defend but apologizes to victims

The announced press conference of rappervrienden Soufiane Eddyani and Moreno (artist of the tienerpooier convicted Bilal A.) there is eventually a become of Eddyani and the lawyer of Moreno. That last was according to his lawyer today is not present because he is only a limited number of hours the house may leave to pursue an education. Eddyani defended again his controversial song “Amigo” and took it to his friend, that he is even a “hero” because he is now engaged with young people to warn of the dangers of tienerpooiers.

Eddyani wanted to today, however, apologise to the victims of his childhood friend. “Amigo is dedicated to Moreno, but it’s not about his actions”, Eddyani full. “However, I realize that I may be his victims this hurt you. I’m also going to try them yet to meet. It is true that I last time am not show there, but I want to wait until the media storm dies down.”

The lawyer of Moreno, Marijn Van Nooten, says no information yet to have received a new complaint against his client. He also got out to the former secretary of state for Equal Opportunities, Zuhal Demir (N-VA), which formed the basis of the hoopla about “Amigo” and the two rappers. “Someone who is first to the executive and legislative power belongs and then as a criticism of the judiciary, knows her place is not in the democratic rule of law”, says Van Nooten. “It might be good to also have a secretary of state for second chances in life to call.”

Both his lawyer as Eddyani that Moreno realization of guilt and self-initiative for young people to speak about his actions. “I’m really against his actions, but our friendship is unconditional,” concludes Eddyani.

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