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Rapper Eddyani continues to believe in second chance for friend Moreno

9fff2c5f8469543d30667db3075f2d79 - Rapper Eddyani continues to believe in second chance for friend Moreno

“I believe that Moreno back in society can get his life back on track.’ That said, the well-known Antwerp-based rapper Soufiane Eddyani vannamiddag at a press conference.

Soufiane Eddyani came early this year in a media frenzy justified because of his latest song ‘Amigo’. That is dedicated to his friend Bilal A (known as Moreno), who in 2016, was condemned because he was a minor girl in prostitution are forced.

Eddyani said all that the number should not be seen as a rationalization of the actions of his friend. That he repeated today. ‘I’m not sure what he has done. The song is not about Moreno itself, but about different people, stories, experience. I try these people to represent.’

But, said Eddyani, that people have a right to a second chance. “I believe that Moreno again in society can get his life back on track.’

“My intentions were good”, added Eddyani it. ‘I had perhaps something else should be put in the clip. I’m going to better be careful with what I release. The friendship between Bilal and me is unconditional.’

And he turned to his friend even a moment on a pedestal. “The problem that we want to raise, is so important. We want people to warn you. This boy is actually a hero. He is fighting since his conviction for the problem from the society to get (the facts of pooierschap for teenage girls date of 2015).’

Eddyani also said that he explicitly excuses if he people with his number that hurt.

Initially, it was said that his (controversial) friend Moreno would be present at the press conference, but that was not the case. Apparently, he had his few days of freedom used up. “He can only have a certain number of hours per day to get an education,” said Marijn Van Nooten, the lawyer of the two. ‘The hours were not compatible with the press conference.’

About Moreno said the adovcaat that the young man was sentenced to six years in prison, not for rape but for human trafficking and attempt to trafficking in human beings. “It is a heavy punishment, but he has accepted.’

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