Poster campaign with old tweets about Brexit brings British politicians in embarrassment

While the Brexit in a complete impasse, activists of the ‘Remain’camp, a poster campaign initiated in several Uk cities, that a lot of politicians in embarrassment. On huge posters are old sayings of politicians to read, but those statements are by the recent developments are often very painful.

Said Liam Fox, the Conservative party, in July 2017 that the free trade agreement that the UK has with the European Union had to negotiate one of the easiest in the history would be’.

Also an old tweet from Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg is painful. “We would be two referendums. If so, it makes sense to have a second referendum after the negotiations are completed.’

Premier May said shortly before the referendum in 2016 is still ” that by in the European Union to continue, we will be better protected against crime and terrorism’.

‘Led by donkeys’

The pledge photo goes out of the group ‘Led by Donkeys’ which is also on Twitter active. The activists prefer to remain anonymous, but want the population to wake up. ‘The nieuwscyclus is so fast that people forget what our leaders declare, ” says a spokesperson to The Guardian. For now biggest action in the poster campaign, chose the group Dover because that city ‘in the front line of the Brexit’.

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