Paris Jackson: ‘The media exaggerating again’

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Paris Jackson: ‘The media exaggerating again’

17 January, 2019 02:58
17-01-19 02:58
Last update: 16 minutes ago
Update: 16 minutes ago


The news that Paris Jackson would be recording in a clinic for her mental problems, is according to herself, very exaggerated. That let them know in an Instagram post.

“The media exaggerating as usual again,” she writes in her post. “Yes, I take a break from work, social media and my phone, because sometimes it’s just all a bit too much. Everyone should really take a break, but I am happy and healthy and feel better than ever!”

“Gabriel and I have some new music that we want to share with you. I hope you guys enjoy the new year with much love and light started. I’m back again soon! XOXO,” said Jackson.

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