Lieve Blancquaert recycles images

4413ddb514b103b03920e02d829d9383 - Lieve Blancquaert recycles images

In september picks up One with ‘The Circle of Life’, a series for which Dear Blanquaert draws from the material that they have in recent years turned to the documentairereeksen ‘Birth Day’ (2013), ‘Wedding Day’ (2015) and ‘Last Days’ (2018). That writes het belang Van Limburg. Pieces from which programs will be re-fitted for this new series, in which she goes in search of the links between birth, marriage and death in the various cultures in the world. At the same time will be in the Ghent Sint-Pietersabdij, a retrospective walk with photographs from the three series, which Blancquaert, of course, made.

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