Houellebecq’s controversial novel ‘Soumission’ will be tv series

861b19b72c9e6d6ca0f17036c16b0166 - Houellebecq's controversial novel 'Soumission' will be tv series

The controversial novel ‘Soumission’ (Submission) the French writer Michel Houellebecq will be in the form of a television series to be casted. The novel is set in the near future, where a muslim to be president of France is elected and the sharia, the islamic law, is introduced.

‘Soumission’ caused divided reactions to the literary critics. Many saw in the novel a provocation. The writer, who ever the islam described as “the stupidest religion”, admitted later that he “probably islamofoob”.

His novel was published in January 2015, exactly on the day of the terrorist attack in Paris on the editorial staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. It came to twelve people, among whom a good friend of the author. Out of fear or precaution popped Houellebecq under.

The tv series will be directed by Guillaume Nicloux. For the series he gets financial support from the French film and tv organisation. Nicloux directed in 2014 already, the comic print ‘The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq,” in which the author himself played. The director works in addition to another project where the writer will be acting next to filmlegende Gerard Depardieu.

Thanks to, or despite, the criticism was ‘Soumission’ is a bestseller. In France, the book will be more than 800,000 times over the counter in Germany even more than a million. Houellebecq’s latest novel, ‘Serotonin’, it was initially published this month and is also a commercial hit. According to critics, the novel is a “prophetic character” because the 62-year-old enfant terrible of the literatuurwereld the mass movement of the ‘yellow vests’ in predicted.

In 2006, with ‘Elementarteilchen’ (the Elementary Particles) already a successful novel by liege writer Houellebecq filmed. That movie was favourably received.

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