France loses faith in a Brexit-deal

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The French government has a plan launched to answer to the difficulties which might arise in case of a possible Brexit without agreement. There is more work on the recruitment of additional customs officers.

Now the British parliament the Brexit deal has turned down, it is ‘becoming less and less unlikely’ that the British withdrawal from the European Union in a disorderly way, it will be expired, highlights premier Edouard Philippe.

The French government is going to parliament in a parent act to submit five resolutions which in the course of the next few weeks have to be entered. ‘That five acts should allow us to have a legal framework that meets the commitment of a Brexit, without consent, ” says the premier.

As to protecting the interests of French nationals, who are resident in the United Kingdom and must also, conversely, the status of the British on the French territory to be captured. There are also measures for a possible introduction of controls on goods at the border.

Furthermore, is there a plan for around 50 million euros in investments in the French ports and airports’. These are the places that have the most to deal with the changes’, as will be explained. The prime minister thinks that a hundred recruitments will be needed. It then goes to customs officials and a whole range of other employees for the necessary checks’, for example, for the control of animals.

“It is the responsibility of the government to be prepared for,” shared Philippe after the end of a meeting with various ministers. The plan of the French government was already since april last year, prepared and “must ensure that the rights of our citizens and our businesses in a very effective way to be protected”.

The Belgian government also is working of a series of measures to enable our country to prepare for a ‘no deal’.

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