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Football association has come up with vrouwenquotum

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Directorships at the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), it is now up to two times renewed, so that they are up to 12 years. That made the belgian football association on Thursday announced. One in ten seats within the board of directors is also reserved for a woman.

The performance of the 11-point plan for the transformation of the belgian football association hammered CEO Peter Bossaert on transparency and good governance. The Executive Committee gave, in that context, the green light for a first set of measures.

Thus, new statutes and a new werkingsreglement entered. “This was an absolute priority in the 11-point plan of the belgian football association, and is a very important step in the application of the rules of good governance”, what it sounds like.

Board positions may now be up to two times renewed, so that the maximum duration of twelve years. There will also be a vrouwenquotum for the board of directors of ten members, a woman must sit.

To prevent conflicts of interest makes the belgian football association to further the work of a clear division between the strategic role of the Board of Directors and the operational management of the belgian football association.

The board of directors will also be required to self-evaluate and the werkingsrapport to publish on the website of the royal belgian football association. There will also be external monitoring of the application of ‘good governance’.

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