Evi Hanssen goes to FOUR

07617d76e9df3944fe7cb2aed7c56a31 - Evi Hanssen goes to FOUR

Presenter Evi Hanssen this is not silent. Currently, she is on Joe to hear her program The Holy House of Hanssen, but in tv terms it seems rather quiet in Flanders. There, you will take FOUR soon be changing for The Latest News know that Evi Hanssen this spring on the channel the program “May I have your breasts on display?” is present. The breasts of Evi, we will go in the program does not see because the program is about the dark sides of the internet and social media. Evi Hanssen talk, according to The Latest News with the victims and the perpetrators of, among others, grooming, sexting and catfishing.
FOUR sets today the new programs to the press and advertisers.

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