Divided government-Trump more migrant children of parents than previously thought?

976c07473bc67067e69d5a2cd1f76145 - Divided government-Trump more migrant children of parents than previously thought?

The government-Trump the U.s. border is probably a lot more minor migrants separated from their parents than was reported. That report American media, basing themselves on a report of the director-general of the department of Welfare and Health.

The practice of separating parents and children would already be in the summer of 2017, one year before the official announcement of that policy, very frequently, have occurred. According to the report, in 2017 for thousands of children in a wellness center housed. In the summer of that year, a clear peak was found to migrant children by the department of Homeland Security of their parents were separated.

It is not known how many children exactly, because the figures of the Us federal government are unclear, as report more Washington Post and NBC News. There is not track of the children at the border, their parents were separated, and the border may only be crossed. It is also not known whether all of those children, meanwhile, reunited with their families.

Zero tolerance

President, Trump introduced in april 2018 and a zero-tolerance policy with regard to migration. Who is the border between Mexico and the United States illegally crossed, was imprisoned. In June last year, there was much commotion when bekendraakte that the 2,600 children separated from their parents were after them to the border were illegally crossed. The children and their parents were not imprisoned. Eventually had to Trump the policy, to revoke and was on order of the judge also made a reunification of the families.

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