Dana Winner takes The Voice of Senior-finalist to Lotto Arena

5ef20229ad0d86788d9f7a6851dc838f - Dana Winner takes The Voice of Senior-finalist to Lotto Arena

Dana Winner is the last months, not from the media store. She celebrates this year 30-year career, and there is the broad audience obviously very excited about it because in the meantime are already more than half of the 5,000 tickets sold for her concert in the Antwerp Lotto Arena on Saturday the 9th of november .

At the end of last year we saw on tv how Dana Winner in her first season as coach in ‘The Voice Senior’ her name is clearly not stolen. If a real winner, she was determined to put together a team that is already strong and varied enough for this first series to be able to win. Despite the fact that one of the co-coaches Walter Grootaers’ candidates ultimately won continues to Dana Winner always believe in her team.

“I have a ploegje composed where I’m particularly proud of”, let them during the broadcasts fall. “Lou, who lives and breathes music. Willy that is a living jukebox, which continues to sing, if you do not stop. Mariette is a very special woman that is like no other you can tell a story while she is singing. And finally, Michel, that has a range where a lot of singers can only dream of” , Dana continues.

During the blind auditions let Dana about all fall that they give him a spot would like to give at her big Lotto concert ’30 Years Dana Winner-In Concert’ on Saturday 9 november in Antwerp. And that’s a promise she wants only too happy to deliver.

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