British filmkeuringscommissie increases age limit for films with sexual violence

The British Board of Film Classification, the British counterpart of our filmkeuringscommissie, increases the age limit for movies that have scenes with sexual violence from 12 to 15 years. The measure comes after a public poll that showed that people “increased anxiety” experienced when films with a high reality. Also the fact that the attitude toward sexual harassment and sexual violence in the last five years has changed has played a role in the decision.

Movies that contain scenes with sexual violence, and will in Great Britain is now only starting from the age of 15 years are accessible. That is stated in the new guidelines that the British Board of Film Classification published today. The age limit must also be at all streamingplatformen be clearly stated.

The measure has an impact on a lot of movies, such as the historical biodrama of ‘The Duchess’ (2008, with Keira Knightly in the lead role. Despite a verkrachtingsscène was the age limit when a 12 year set. That is now 15 years.

The new age limit is 28 February of force.

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