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Björn Soenens, takes single by Günther Neefs

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Björn Soenens (50), the us correspondent for VRT, has recorded a single. The song is a cover of Lee days go by, marvin Wanderin’ Star. Soenens sings it together with Günther Neefs (53), reports Gazet van Antwerpen.

The idea was born during the musical roadtrip along Route 66 that Günther Neefs together with Guy The Prez made for Radio 2 by America. ‘On our trip, we met up with Björn Soenens specially from New York to Chicago overvloog. There, we sang for the occasion, a duetje. It clicked so well that we said to each other: we need to do it again! ” said Neefs in Gazet van Antwerpen.

What if a joke was intended, it was a real single. “We have for Wanderin’ Star was chosen because the number is still not so often covered, and because it is good at Björns voice fits. He has an incredible bass voice and he can also good show.”

Wandrin’ Star will be in February will be released and available through muziekplatformen such as Spotify and iTunes.

Or Neefs and Soenens rich will be their musical trip? Neefs is honest: “I fear sure. So a single record costs money. It was something we both liked to do.”

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