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Belgian football makes 8 million euro profit, thanks to strong world cup football

152cde59b2d29300a9012bcbb3569809 - Belgian football makes 8 million euro profit, thanks to strong world cup football

The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) expects the year 2018 to close with a gain of at least 8 million euro. That made the belgian football association on Wednesday known. That profit is re-invested “in the future of football” and the realization of the previously communicated 11-point plan.

The football world cup and the historic third place in the Red Devils, the belgian football association to no avail because laid, as the Executive Committee estimates the gain on around 8 million euros. That amount is invested in the football itself, such as, for example, youth programs, and arbitration. “An important principle that was unanimously approved was”, it sounds in a press release.

“This is the necessary fiscal space to be created for investment in the further professionalization of the belgian football association and in necessary projects such as arbitration, the digitisation of the belgian football association, the strengthening of our disciplinary bodies, the further development of women’s football, the staff of the national teams and the modernisation of the infrastructure”, it sounds still.

Also the budgeting for the year 2019 was approved. The royal belgian football association invests heavily and therefore expects, in a year in which there is no big tournament scheduled, approximately 3.8 million euros of losses. “The investments are necessary in order of the belgian football association is a professional, strong, transparent, independent and forward-looking football,” said CEO Peter Bossaert. “2019 is fully in the sign of change and renewal of the Belgian football.”

In June estimated the belgian football association, with a positive result of € 400,000, but that amount was without the revenue from the world cup in Russia are expected.

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