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58 points, what can you do? James Harden can Houston Rockets not to win guide

Houston Rockets on Wednesday in the North American professional basketcompetitie (NBA) in own home after renewals with 142-145 lost to the Brooklyn Nets.

When the home team was James Harden for the second game in a row for a total of more than fifty points. Two days ago, guided he Rockets with 57 points to a handsome 112-94 victory against Memphis, but this time worth 58 points of the MVP not to have anything to pick it up against the Nets.

It was already more than a year ago, a player managed to release two games in a row, more than fifty points in the NBA. Also in december 2017 was the Cure that the fabulous statistics showed note. In the last thirty years, it was a total of only five times, although it can go even further. In march 2007, and managed to LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant, four games in a row, more than fifty points.

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